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The Book


2012 | Ingram, Baker & Taylor

Stacy was a newlywed when she became a financial advisor 10 years ago. It was her husband Rick’s second marriage and she found herself a stepmother to a teenage boy. Over the years, as she and her family experienced the joys and challenges of blending their lives and finances, Stacy found that her stories mirrored those of other couples in her financial practice, inspiring her to write, What’s Yours is Mine–When a Realist Marries an Idealist.

A lighthearted yet intimate look at the financial struggles couples face, What’s Yours Is Mine – When a Realist Marries an Idealist offers personal insights based on Stacy’s own marriage and her expert advice from years of experience helping couples overcome their fear of talking about money as they work together to achieve their dreams.

What’s Yours Is Mine offers practical guidance about how to find positive ways to communicate about money to inspire couples to reach for their dreams together.


  • Objective insights from a finance expert
  • Conversation starters with specific ideas that really work
  • Checklists and practical exercises
  • Real-life anecdotes illustrating the do’s and don’ts of talking with your partner about money


Praise for the Book

… Stacy Willoughby is a great storyteller and helps take the fear out of talking about money. Tons of great PRACTICAL tips from someone who has been there and experienced many things. Thank you Stacy for being willing to talk about a topic that is still somehow taboo.”

- Tracey Warren, Speaker and Trainer, Ready, Set, Grow Marketing

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