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Sunday Brunch Just Got a Whole Lot More Interesting!

gayspaceneedle-205x300There are going to be some very different Sunday brunch conversations starting this weekend! The landmark Supreme Court rulings this week paved the way for legally married same-sex couples to receive federal benefits and lifted California’s ban on same-sex marriage.

What does that have to do with brunch, you ask?  In my book “What’s Mine is Yours” you know that I strongly recommend Sunday brunch as a great time for couples to relax over a a leisurely morning meal and discuss some of the money questions that may not get addressed in the hustle-bustle of everyday living.  So I’m thinking that this week’s momentous Court rulings, along with this weekend’s Gay Pride Week festivities, are going to change the tone and content of Sunday brunch for many weeks to come.

Many of the important financial conversations between gay/lesbian couples simply have not happened in the past. Even if couples could legally get married in their state of residence, those conversations may not have occurred. Why talk about something that is out of your reach, right?  Well hurry up and finish your mimosa Sally, because now we’ve got some decisions to make!

With the new Federal recognition, there are more than 1100 benefits now available to gay/lesbian couples once they are legally married – and that certainly is going to require a few conversations to navigate!

As a gay/lesbian couple, have you scheduled joint meetings with your CPA, attorney, or financial advisor to find out how these new rules will affect you?  Chances are that you now have many financial options available to you, choices that affect you not just in the checkbook but legally as well.

What are the 1100 benefits, previously reserved only for opposite-sex married couples,  now available?  This page on the Lambda Legal website is a great starting place to determine what your next steps might be.

So we’d love to know – what will be different about your Sunday brunch conversation this week?  Are there topics that now have risen to the top of the discussion?  Please share with us in the comments – Happy Pride Weekend everyone!

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