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You may have worked with a financial professional who sells products to help you build and protect your wealth, yet this person probably didn’t talk about the emotions driving your financial decisions. The truth is, financial products can’t be as effective as they should unless we address our underlying emotions and thought processes around money, identify our habits, and discover positive ways to work with our partner to achieve shared financial goals.

Stacy’s mentoring programs are designed to go where most financial advisors do not – to the heart of the issue. When you work with Stacy, you’ll be working with a mentor who will help you discuss all aspects of money in an open, judgment-free environment to help your pocketbook – and your partnership – become stronger.

Benefits of working with Stacy:

  • Easier and more productive conversations about money with your partner
  • Confidence to make savvy financial decisions based on your values
  • Clearer priorities and strategies on how to work with conflicting priorities
  • Peace of mind that you have a mentor that you can turn to when the answers aren’t clear


Services for Couples

Rich Marriages Program

What is a Rich Marriage? Is it all about the money? We don’t think so. A Rich Marriage is a relationship based on trust, respect, and honesty. These relationships have depth because both people in the relationship are curious about their partner and wish to look for ways to grow separately and together. A Rich Marriage isn’t perfect, and it shouldn’t be.  It can be fun, spontaneous, comfortable, open, rewarding, challenging, and sexy. Above all, a Rich Marriage is a work in progress to become clearer, stronger, fuller, more open, and richer!

The Rich Marriages program is designed for newlyweds and remarrying couples and includes in-depth conversations, step-by-step actions, progress checks, and future financial planning.

This program is available to two formats to fit your schedule:

rings-for-blog Face-to-Face Mentoring

The Rich Marriages mentorship program includes weekly intensive in-person meetings with Stacy over a six-week period to examine your values, priorities, goals, and resources and provide guidance to help improve money discussions.

rings-for-blog Self Study Telecourse

Couples enrolled in the Rich Marriages six-week telecourse will receive weekly homework assignments accompanied by one-hour consultations with Stacy delivered via webinar to delve deeper into conversations and priorities.

rings-for-blog Money Makeover

Do you and your partner struggle with debt that never seems to go away? Do you have clear goals about money, or does it seem like you’re just not speaking the same language?

Stacy’s Money Makeover offers three intensive sessions to help you get back on track and begin making progress toward your shared financial goals. We’ll look at your cash flow, examine where your money is currently going, and develop effective strategies for paying down debt. We’ll talk about the good uses of debt (versus not so good) and make a plan to achieve your short and long-term goals.

Ready to start down the path to financial harmony? Contact us today!

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