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A Book is Born!

stacy-and-books-226x300There is nothing so gratifying than seeing all your hard work rewarded by the realization of your dream! This is how I felt when my first shipment of books arrived and I had the opportunity to hold my “baby” for the very first time.

I wrote What’s Yours Is Mine – When a Realist Marries an Idealist to help other couples through the experiences of my husband Rick (the realist) and me (the idealist). It’s not always easy to talk about finances at the early stages of a relationship. I wrote my book as part memoir, part how-to, to keep it lighthearted and tell the true story of the defining moments that changed how Rick and I work stacys-first-book-sale-250x300together and communicate about money. Because it’s OUR story, so much of me was poured in to those pages which is why the completion of my book is such a personal achievement.

After my first books arrived, I had my next defining moment — my first sale! What a rush, can’t you just feel my excitement?!

Tomorrow I get to introduce my book at my official book launch event. I’m so excited, stay tuned for details on the event!

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