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Tin for Ten – Is Your Marriage Durable and Flexible?
My book "What's Yours is Mine: When an Idealist Marries a Realist" is the story of my relationship with my husband Rick, from our single life to dating days to our beautiful wedding.  We recently celebrated our 10th ann Read More »
Getting Married – Just Because You Can, Should You?
You find validation in the strangest places sometimes.  For me, it was a recent episode of the TV show Glee, and the topic was marriage.  Big surprise that would interest me, right?! On Glee, Blaine and Kurt are Read More »
When planning a wedding, the focus is typically on the big day itself and not on what comes after. Seldom is financial planning in the mix, but the truth is, planning on how money will be merged and managed after a coupl Read More »
For Rick’s Birthday January 25, the Gift of a FREE copy of my Book!
In honor of Rick's birthday today, January 25th, I'm offering a free Kindle version of my book What's Yours is Mine --  When a Realist Marries an Idealist through Amazon to anyone who wants to grab a copy. Rick i Read More »
A Book is Born!
There is nothing so gratifying than seeing all your hard work rewarded by the realization of your dream! This is how I felt when my first shipment of books arrived and I had the opportunity to hold my "baby" for the very Read More »

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