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Radio Interview: Keeping Your Marriage Strong & Happy While Managing Money
Recently, I was interviewed on Heart Filled Holidays Radio:Where Families Create Happiness One Celebration at a Time. Sandy Fowler and I had a blast chatting about finances, money and couples. I shared a few tips on how Read More »
Piggy Bank to Prosperity: Kids and Money!
We asked parents a few weeks ago, if they could look back in time and write a letter to their younger selves, what advice would they give about money? What lessons did they wish they learned as a child? Starting NOW w Read More »
Sunday Brunch: Tips for Back-to-School Shopping Budgeting
I remember when I was younger, going back to school every year and while I was never really excited for summer vacation to end, I loved the back to school shopping. My parents generously gave me money to pick out a n Read More »
How I Became a Financial Advisor
Morgan Stanley used to have these amazing commercials on TV. The first one that I remember is one of the segments that motivated me to become a financial advisor. I don’t know if you have seen it. There is an older guy Read More »
What Your Parents Forgot to Tell You: A Letter to Your Younger You
We’ve been making some big dreams happen these past months over here at Rich Marriages. We’ve added new programs that outline step-by-step plans of how to create the financial life of your dreams. (You asked and we l Read More »

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