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QHow are you different from a financial advisor? 

AMost financial advisors are compensated based on the investment, insurance, or financial products that they sell.  Ideally, they are there to help you build wealth and protect it with your financial and tax situation in mind. Many financial advisors will advise a client to use a budget, but they can’t or won’t dig into the spending and savings habits of their clients.

I work with couples on a deeper level than most financial advisors are able to.  With my clients, we pay attention to your cash flow, what past habits get in the way of the financial success you want, and what strategies you are currently using that we can leverage for greater success.  This is an ongoing process that my clients and I can build on session after session.

If you are currently working with a financial advisor, I can consult with them with your permission, to identify opportunities based on my knowledge of your situation, your family, and your dreams.  If you are not working with a financial advisor, I can refer you once I have a better idea of what you are working on and your priorities.

QWho are your clients?

AI primarily work with newlywed couples and remarrying couples. While all types of couples share some of the same challenges, I have developed techniques and strategies to address the unique to these types of marriages. Newlyweds who have been independent for a number of years may experience difficulties merging their finances, priorities, and dreams with their partner. Remarrying couples may need to blend families and meet financial obligations to past partners, while avoiding the mistakes they might have made in their first marriage, especially when it comes to finances.

QWe’re interested in one-on-one mentoring, but not today. What are some other ways we can start learning right now?

AI appreciate that you have chosen to take more time to decide if this is the right program for you. I only want to work with couples and families that are committed to taking action with changes that will dramatically change their conversations about money.  You can stay in touch through my monthly newsletter, attend an upcoming event, or read my book and work through the exercises and conversation starters at the end of each chapter.

QWe’re ready to get started, but still have a couple of questions. Can we call you?

AAbsolutely! Complete the form on the contact page and we’ll schedule a time to talk and answer all of your questions. It’s completely free and there’s no obligation.

QHow quickly can we expect results from working with you?

AThe result of our work is an approach to money conversations that incorporate, love, respect, and authenticity.  Please note, to see results, you need to be totally committed to taking action and have the resources – time, energy, and drive –to carry you through.  This is not a quick fix, it’s not magic and it takes six months or more for the process to be integrated into your life.  It took a long time for you to learn your current money habits and it will take time working together to apply all the steps, sometimes longer, and enjoy a loving relationship where money doesn’t get in the way.

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