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Happily Ever After Is Possible with Rich Marriages

Marriage isn’t all about money, but when finances get in the way of happiness and open communication, it can seem that way. Stacy Willoughby’s Rich Marriages mentoring services help newlyweds and remarrying couples learn to have constructive conversations about money and live a life of financial harmony. Learn how Stacy can help you and your partner take the fear and frustration out of money talks.

Meet Stacy, The Money Mentor

rickstacy-203x300When I became a financial advisor, I was a newlywed myself. I was naturally drawn to working with couples. I was captivated with how couples worked out their money issues – or how they didn’t. My husband is a union carpenter and has been in that line of work for over 30 years. This was his second marriage and I found myself as the stepmother to a teenage boy. Over the years, I have found that my stories are similar to the stories of other couples and that is what inspired me to write, What’s Yours is Mine–When a Realist Marries an Idealist.

After 10 years and massive market change, I realized that I had a lot more to offer families in the way of helping them with their financial situation than what I was able to do as a financial advisor. As The Money Mentor, I can do what financial advisors cannot – help couples learn how to maintain a strong relationship where money doesn’t get in the way of happiness through one-on-one mentoring and other events. Even the best financial plans and strategies don’t address those underlying factors that make or break your progress, factors such as communication, trust, and a shared vision for the future. By discussing the emotional issues that drive financial decisions, we learn to keep our minds and hearts open…read more

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